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Teflon - A magic substance

Once we hear of the word Teflon, we might think of non-stick pots and pans stain repellant carpeting or even fabrics.

As we all know, a Dupont Chemists discovered Teflon in 1938. And the name of it is the synonymous with the features of wear ability and durability.

Because of its non-stick and repellent properties, Teflon revolutionized the cookware, fabric, plastic and textile industries.

Almost everyone has experienced the magic of this substance. And with most of consumer name recognition and approval, products made with Teflon nearly sell themselves.

We have introduced Teflon into our line of wiper blades.

Now we have coated our rubber blades with Teflon , and the advantage of the wiper blades with Teflon is as follows£»

1. A Clear View Wiper Blade .

The Teflon coating on the surface of the rubber blade lowers the coefficient of friction and makes the wiper blade slippery. Therefore it has chatter-proof and squeak-proof properties, and can give you a cleaner wiper.

2. Silent Operation
There is no noise when you amount our Teflon wiper blade in your car, Because Teflon will make the wiper blade slippery.

3. Much Longer Life

The wiper blades with Teflon won't crack, adding more durability and longer life. The life of this kind of wiper blade is at least 30% much longer than the general standard wiper blade.

4. A bad weather resistant wiper blade

With the repellent properties of Teflon, this kind of wiper blade is repellent to water, snow, ice and other harsh element .

In contrast to most general blades, which are made from natural rubber, This kind of wiper blades is bad weather resistant , Similar to the wear and tear on the rubber in your tires, standard wiper blades are affected by extreme temperature variations, Ozone effects, ultraviolet light, pollutants and road chemicals, Conversely, this kind of wiper blade has heat and electrical resistant capabilities that allow it to withstand extreme weather conditions. This is the advantage no other wiper blade can offer.

5. A safer and more reliable wiper blade

This is a product, which is more reliable . You can feel safe on the road in despite of the heavy rain or strong snow.

6. Much firm and rusty free frame

We adopt 1.2 mm thickness galvanized steel to make the mainframe of this kind of wiper blade, which is 20% much stronger than competitor's products.

Also the frame of our wiper blades is made by galvanized steel with heavy-duty powder painting, it is rusty free.

7. New adapters

New types of adapters are adopted in order to solve the problems of fitting your wiper blades to various popular cars.

Our wiper blade is designed to fit 95% of vehicles directly.

8. Stainless steel spline
Stainless steel spring vertebra (spline) is adopted in order to give the rubber better support for even wipe.

9. More Length of wiper blade for your choice.

The wiper blades are available from 30 cm (12") to 100 cm (40"). All type of our wiper blades can assemblyed withy TEFLON rubber blade according to your requirements.


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